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Walker Energy Group, LLC, is positioned to serve the traditional and alternative energy industries. With over 40 years of experience in oil & agri-business supply & marketing, we offer consulting and support services to help companies reach maximum potential in their marketing efforts, management practices, strategic planning, and supply and logistic systems.


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About Walker Energy Group, LLC

A native of Georgia, Randall Walker joined Chevron Corporation (Standard Oil of Kentucky) in 1969 after graduation from Georgia State University with a BAA in marketing & business management. In 1976 he left Chevron's retail motor fuels company and continued his career with Chevron in their chemical company. It was with Chevron Chemical Company that he marketed agricultural fertilizers in the Midwest and later worked with the company's supply and trading department in San Francisco. In 1985, he returned to marketing in the position of regional manager in Kansas and later the Central Valley of California. In 1990 he ended his career in fertilizers as national sales manager and returned to Chevron's motor fuels products company as a marketing manager and later headed Chevron's national Brand Management group in San Ramon, CA.  After his retirement from Chevron in the spring of 2008, he was approached by several previous business associates and asked to assist as a consultant to their business enterprises.  Thus, Walker Energy Group, LLC was born.


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